Trivia Magpies
Collecting Bright Shiny Objects of the Mind

Herein lies a minor collection of day-to-day flotsam. Much of this is motivated by discussions of Urban Legends, although this site will largely stay away from cataloging or debunking those. That is already handled much better in the archives of alt.folklore.urban regulars, the most notable of these being:

TAFKAC has links to several other repositories of knowledge (follow the "People With No Lives" link).

So, What is Here?

In keeping with the purest spirit of trivia, there is little here that will ever make any real difference in your life. True, some of the information is useful, but the Those Who Need To Know will have found better sources that this.

This is here simply because Enquiring Minds Need to Know.

Calendar Oddities
What is the difference between Julian and Gregorian? What is this year 2000 thing? For this sort of thing, look here.

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